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Maryland Vehicle Administration or MVA is the apex body responsible for enforcing the various rules and regulations governing the vehicles plying the streets in Maryland. It is not legal to drive any vehicle in Maryland without valid registration, auto tag, title and other kinds of legal necessities. The various procedures required to obtain different kinds of vehicle documents need to be completed correctly. Expert assistance for the same helps in completing the DMV process quickly and efficiently.

Elite Tag and Title is a leading company for multiple vehicle documentation needs in Baltimore. It is the best choice for vehicle owners seeking reliable and experienced Auto Tags Agents Baltimore, MD. Other services offered by this company include vehicle registration services and vehicle title services.

Auto Tag Services

Auto Tag is a proof of registration of the vehicle. Since it is illegal to drive a vehicle without registration, an auto tag acts as a visual identifier for the law enforcement personnel that the said vehicle has proper registration. Auto tag is simply a sticker carrying the registration information of the vehicle which is stuck to the side of the license plate or windshield. Elite Tag and Title is among the most popular Auto Tags Agents Baltimore, MD because it offers services for both new auto tags as well as renewals of expired tags. This company helps in applying for permanent auto tags, temporary auto tags and in-transit auto tags. Permanent auto tags are provided to inspected vehicles and are valid for 2 years. Temporary auto tags are for non-inspected vehicles and are valid for 30 days. In-transit auto tags allow vehicles to pass through Maryland and are valid for 15 days. Elite Tag and Title offers smooth tag renewal services which enables its customers to renew their expired tags without queueing up at the MVA office. A quick online process is used to renew the auto tag for 1 or 2 years as required by the customer. A downloadable copy of the auto tag called eTag can be used until the auto tag arrives by mail.

Duplicate Title Services

A vehicle owner can apply for a duplicate certificate of title for his/her vehicle if the original one is lost or destroyed or mutilated. Duplicate certificate of title can also be obtained after paying off the lien on the vehicle or when a vehicle previously titled in Maryland returns to Maryland after a period in some other state. Elite Tag and Title assists in correctly filling the application for duplicate certificate of title and submits the same along with a state issued identification document of the vehicle owner through the online portal of MVA. The duplicate certificate of title is mailed to the address mentioned in the certificate.


Elite Tag and Title helps its customers in completing the DMV process online without physically visiting the offices of MVA. Apart from Maryland, it also serves the customers residing in Virginia.

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